In February. 1971, Frank began his own business after working for MERTS BODY WORKS for 11 years. He found a piece of property with an existing small body shop, located within full view of Rt.50, one of the main thoroughfares going through Scotia. The property also included a small house, which was attached to the body shop. He named his shop Franks Body Works. At the time, Frank's boys, Todd & Scott, were 5yrs & 3 yrs old respectively. The original shop consisted of a small office, and 2 bays & an alignment pit, which Frank dug out himself with the help of his friends.

Soon after purchasing this property, Frank decided to build an addition. The new addition measured 20' x 28', and was built onto the back of the existing building. Again, many of Frank's friends helped him with this project.

In 1975, the house, which was attached to the shop, was renovated into 2 additional bays of work space.

Still growing, in 1978, Frank purchased an adjacent house with land, which added 2 more bays.

In 1982, another addition was planned and built. This new addition included 3 additional work bays across the front of the building, as well as a small office area. The entire front of the building was bricked and sided. The Mayor of Scotia at the time, Mayor Ryan, told Frank that he didn't want his place looking like a junkyard, so Frank gave it the professional touch and always kept the property neat.

In 1985, the biggest and most memorable addition was built. The home that was bought in 1978 was converted into the new office an added work areas measuring 66' x 72'. This addition doubled the size of the existing shop. The professional spray booth was added, together with the new office space that included a waiting area for customers. In finishing this addition, the brick and siding was matched to the existing finishes used in the previous addition, which brought unity to the appearance of this huge business. The shop now consisted of 32 bays.

In 1986, Frank changed the name of his business to Frank and Sons Body Works, Inc. Todd and Scott were now officially part of the business. At that time, Frank and Sons Used Cars was also born.

In 1994 the second story was added, which included the upstairs office, additional storage space, and the lunch/break room for the employees.

Because of the ever changing demands on body shops, in 2007, another addition was built. The addition measures 40'x 86', with 14' and 16' ceilings, and added 10 more bays to the shop, which now totals over 42 bays. This newest addition is primarily for the body repair of fire trucks, tractor trailers, all size motorhomes and trailers, boats, and any other large vehicles.